Optimize Digital

Who are we?

Optimize Digital is a digital marketing agency

Our exclusive focus is to generate high quality sales leads at the lowest possible cost

A ‘sales lead’ is a prospective buyer of your service or product

Optimize Digital specialize in finding ideal clients for your business on social media. We then present your business to them in such a way that they see you as the leader in your niche or geographical area (their preferred supplier).  We craft an irresistible offer and once these clients show interest in your product / service (by clicking on your ads or buying from you), they are tagged for retargeting purposes.

We apply a wide range of techniques and strategies to achieve our goals. Some of these are: –
  • Clever, state of the art landing pages;
  • Email marketing and auto-responders;
  • Facebook pixel tracking;
  • Tagging of clients for remarketing purposes;
  • Chatbots on your Facebook Business page;
  • Online Chat facilities on your website;
  • Selling your products on the Amazon Sales platform;
  • Unique coupon code distribution via Chatbots
We believe that these tools / techniques are superior to those offered by any other marketing platform for the purpose of delivering high-quality leads. Learn more about us HERE.
who are we

Why select Optimize Digital?

Increased Sales
Like you, many businesses need help with their social media management but when we get talking, it’s clear that it’s customers they want. Increased sales!  Unlike many social media agencies who focus on organic social media growth through posting content, we specialize in one thing and one thing only – finding more leads for you – which ultimately means more customers.
optimizedigital, digital marketing, amazon marketing
Tested and proven Strategies

We work with you to formulate a strategy specific for your business, creating a highly focused lead generation campaign, targeted at attracting your ideal client. 

optimizedigital, digital marketing, amazon marketing
Measurable and Profitable marketing activities

What makes us unique is that all marketing activities are performed on the social media platforms best suited to you – and most importantly, are measurable and profitable.

What makes Optimize Digital unique?


Optimize Digital specialize in helping our clients generate consistent, cost-effective leads to achieve viral brand exposure utilizing advanced online advertising and automated digital systems

amazon services

Facebook Advertising for Amazon FBA Sellers

It’s impossible to single handedly do it all! Successful sellers outsource certain parts of their business to experts.  You can rely on us to set up an Amazon sales funnel that works. 

We will:

  • Choose the correct tools;
  • Design a landing page or chatbot;
  • Constantly research for keyword ranking strategies;
  • Manage your Facebook advertising and retargeting.

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